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Glass Cups #2Glass cups are traditionally used by practitioners for fire cupping treatments. Made ..

Disposable headrest covers are a great option if you have to switch between clients rapidly – or i..

Pump ‘N Cup #6Quick and easy: just squeeze the bulb to create suction!Pump N Cup is a glass cup with..

Silicone Cup StandardNew! Cups are now sold individually so you have the option of creating a set ba..

Shiatsu Massage FutonHigh quality professional shiatsu massage futon fits to every location of pract..

Apple Blossoms is an extremely gentle floral and fruity lotion, with ingredients taken straight from..

The Bambino Fruit Salad Massage Cream is an extremely gentle fruity lotion, with extracts taken stra..

The Bambino Strawberry Shortcake Massage Cream is an extremely gentle fruity lotion, with ingredient..

One of the most popular types of massage oil due to its lightness and its glide. Almond oil is often..

Argan oilThe organic argan oil softens the skin, revitalizes, protects against the drying and h..

Anti-StressA calming, relaxing blend of essential oils designed to help you unwind. It includes diff..

ArganOrganic argan oil softens, moisturizes, protects and revitalises the skin. Ideal for use o..

ArnicaOrganic Arnica oil calms joint and muscular pains. Its soothing, moisturizing and revitalising..

Basil-ExoticThe basil has the quality to relieve the affections of respiratory tracts as the flu, th..

Cedarwood, AtlasThe Atlas cedarwood oil works effectively to treat respiratory, circulatory, urinary..

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